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About Us

We are a group of experienced professionals in the field of ERP and Cloud Services. We aim to provide Odoo (formerly OpenERP) services at low cost in the market. It is a suite of Open Source Enterprise Management applications targeting medium and small scale industries. The application suite includes Accounting, Sales, Purchases, Manufacturing, Inventory, Human Resource Management, Customer Relations and Project Management.

Our mission is to direct all our organizational efforts at building upon the existing organizational strength and brand recognition to achieve enhanced levels of profitable growth in the core business and diversify into new areas that compliment and suppliment the core business, with the diversification aimed at achieving excellence and industry leader status in the new areas. The Steigend People will however be encouraged to be open to unconventional ideas and services and recognize new trends at very early stages.

Our vision is to stand out from other service companies in general and Odoo based companies in particular. Take the customers from ERP to the world of analytics to equip them to make key decisions from the data already available. Integrate new technologies (both software and hardware) to optimize day to day operations of customers.


Odoo (formerly known as OpenERP) is an open source web based business application form a complete suite of tools which accompany any business needs. Odoo is going way beyond traditional ERP. What's usually interfaced with third party apps is fully native with Odoo: CMS, an eCommerce, Point of Sale, and a Business Intelligence engine. Integrating your sales floor with Inventory, Accounting and Manufacturing plant is one thing. Odoo is the only software in the world that integrates all sales channels: inside sales (CRM), in-store sales (Point of Sale) and online sales (eCommerce).

Why Odoo?





  •   Open source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) with very active and strong developer community base
  •   Most installed business software in the world with 2 million user base
  •   6000+ modules to cover a wide variety of business
  •   It covers the complex needs of customers worldwide ranging from startup companies (1 user) to large enterprises (300,000+ users)
  •   A smooth and friendly user's experience that has been built to ensure the user seamless adoption
Odoo Services

Odoo implementation without proper guidance may lead back to salt mines, which will cost your precious time and money, so it is better to approach a good Odoo consultant prior to implementation. We carefully study your business process and work on it by analyzing, drafting a conceptual architecture, designing, defining strategies, generating reports and mapping all of them to develop a complete system for your business.


Configuration is one of the primary factor of any software development. Without estimating a proper configuration it will lead to unexpected behaviour of the applicaiton.


Odoo has various versions available, starting from V5 to V11 Enterprise, and those can be setup in any Operating system with any hosting provider like Amazon, Google, Microsoft Azure, Rakspace, MyHosting, Digitalocean etc. Our experts can help you purchase best cloud server based on the configuration which suites Odoo installation.


Customization is doing some modification over an existing application of any form as per the client's requirement. Odoo provides vast functional packages to meet most enterprise requirements, but there is always some extra requirements by clients. We always try to accomplish our clients' requirements. With over seven years of experience under our belt started customizing TinyERP, our technical team is strong enough to do customizations of any extend.


Odoo is a vast system that end-user doesn't know where to go and configure to get the desired result. Our team has the expertise to deliver quality training to end users. Our trainers has in-depth knowledge of Odoo technical and functional side by working on different modules. We can deliver training on client site as well as from remote via various communication mediums like Skype, Teamviewer, video or documents.


End-users sometimes face issues or bugs while using Odoo modules, at that time we lend a helping hand to overcome their difficulties. Our technical team can rectify any issue and try to give them momentum without affecting the business adversely. After the deployment of Odoo sometimes the client need some modifications or fine tunings which increases the effectiveness of the business processes.


A software upgrade generally refers to any major upgrade to the software that adds significant changes to a program. Odoo periodically releases their new version with added features, this will sometimes create a divergence between two versions, as a part of Odoo service we can provide an overpass to help the clients to migrate their data and system to next version.


“There's Birth, There's Death, and in between there is maintenance”. We all agree on this, in a software's lifetime type of maintenance may vary based on its nature. It may be just a routine maintenance task as some bugs are discovered by some user or it may be a large event in itself based on maintenance size or nature. Odoo releases it's versions at a subsequent time span, which brings new and improved features to the application, and here at Steigend we help and guide you to manage and fulfill the new requirements whether technical or functional, to keep your system up to date.

Client Testimonials


    "Steigend’s team have implemented a process for our textile firm, which saves our time and money. They are knowledgeable, responsive and thorough; and all this at an excellent value.”

    MEDCO | www.medco.ie


    "The professionals at Steigend really understood the needs of our business and deisgned effective Odoo solution to improve our overall business sectors. Also they have well integrated our Shipment tracking system of DHL and Prestashop Ecommerce site into Odoo."

    NADUR | www.nadur.de

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