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Camera Data Analysis
This product will give the analysis reports about the count people recorded in each camera based on the csv file sent to a specific email address. Odoo will capture all the attachments from the incoming mails and will create records on a table. Different Anlaysis reports possible are Camera wise, Direction wise, Daily, Weekly and Monthly etc.

Garment Entry ERP
If you are someone who want to buy/sell from wholesale market which mainly deals with variants of same product(size,color,length,etc.) then this app is definitely works for you. This app adds a matrix view so that when we enter order lines click on the Garment entry button which will show a window where we can specify the product template and based on the primary and secondary attribute specified in the template a matrix view will be opened with all the values under the attributes. Thus we can easily enter the product qty needed.

Wholesale Gold Business ERP
If you have a wholesale gold business we have a full fledged erp for smooth running of it. We have designed erp to manage the stock level of gold the payment and gold outstanding for suppliers and customers. Basic reports need for the business is also designed, reports include 22 CT Status report, 24 CT status report, Customer statement reports and supplier statement reports. We were implemented this in UAE and our clients are succesfully using it for their business.

ERP Solution for Human Resource OutSourcing company
The business flow of the company includes different stages such as Business Development Leads, Sending Quotations to the client, Sourcing of the CVs, Shortlisting of CVs, Interview and Selection of Candidates, Calculating Job Cost based on salaries of the employees and other expenses like Visa Processing etc., On-boarding and De-boarding module. On-boarding module will keep all the records of the candidates such as Passport Copy, Educational Certificates, Medical Reports, Offer Letter, Labour contract etc. and an Employee record will be created in the system with all the details in the On-boarding data.